Baltic Cooperation

The governments and parliaments of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania cooperate closely. The forum for intergovernmental cooperation is the Baltic Council of Ministers. Parliamentary cooperation takes place through the Baltic Assembly.

In recent years the most important cooperation topics have been foreign and security policy, defence cooperation, energy, and transport. Cooperation in the field of economics has become more project-based, relying on common interests. The joint endeavours of the Baltic states are pragmatic and practical.

The chairmanship rotates at the beginning of each calendar year and the chairing country actively coordinates cooperation on all levels. Last year the chairing country was Latvia, and in 2014 is Estonia.

The most important meetings in 2014 are the informal meeting of Baltic prime ministers in the beginning of the year and the official meeting in the fall. In October there was a Baltic Council – joint session of Baltic Council of Ministers Cooperation Council and Baltic Assembly. The Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian presidents will also meet in the framework of Baltic cooperation.